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From soft sages to earthy olive tones to deep shades of emerald, green has become a go-to choice for interiors thanks to its calming and grounding effect that stems from our deep-rooted connection to nature. Here, Jaipur Living turns to the experts behind two top design firms for their tips on perfecting the look that’s sprouting up in spaces everywhere. 

Jaipur Living‘s bestselling Reign collection complements this green bedroom from Wrensted Interiors. Photo courtesy of brand

Step One: Soothe 

“For me the Going Green aesthetic is about bringing the outside in—using organic elements in the home to help us connect to nature and take advantage of all its calming and mood-boosting benefits,” says Rayana Schmitz, founder and principal designer of Firefinish Interiors. Indeed, when the pandemic pushed everyone indoors, many of us sought ways to transform our spaces into soothing, uplifting sanctuaries—and adding a touch of green, whether in the form of houseplants or home furnishings, satisfied that goal. Now, the influx of green has made the color one of the hottest design trends. 

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The easiest way to dip your toe into the green aesthetic is by decorating with plants—and plenty of them. Seeing green, leafy plants on a daily basis has been proven to lower stress levels and have a positive impact on mental health. Plus, a home feels more complete and vibrant when plants are included as a key element of interior design (think: No dead space!). 

“We tend to incorporate green as not only a pop color, but also as a natural bringing the outside in,” say Widell + Boschetti co-founders and designers Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti. “Green interiors can evoke thoughts of everything from balance and growth to connotations of wealth. Green shows up in some of the most prestigious spaces—slightly unexpected, but always in a confident way.”

Wildell + Boshetti lacquered kitchen cabinets with a deep emerald green for a bold take on the green trend. Photo by Marco Ricca

Step Two: Balance

Although green’s popularity has allowed it to act as a new neutral anchor in most spaces, it’s still important to create a sense of balance by playing with different textures, tones, and depths of color. Some shades of green are relaxing and restorative while others are more energizing, so pairing varying hues together can have a harmonious effect. “Mint [works] in kitchens and baths, [and] muted greens like olive and pistachio are great for living areas and bedrooms,” explain Widell and Boschetti. “The biggest trend of all is through the texture and depth of color, i.e. Venetian plaster tinted green as opposed to simply paint. All these rich attributes add to the feeling of the space.”

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Schmitz says sage green is her current favorite since she has been “leaning more toward a softer shade,” while Widell and Boschetti favor a bolder look. “Our go-to paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Salamander,” the design duo shares. “It’s a deep, dark mix of black, blue, and green. This color is an intriguing chameleon. We love the richness of this color as it mixes well with like-minded textiles.”

Of course, going all in with plastered green walls isn’t for everyone. For those intimidated by color but still curious about the trend, Schmitz offers some advice: “A neutral with a green undertone is your best friend.”

With its grounding green hues, Jaipur Living’s Salinas rug brings an elegant, organic feel to a living room designed by Firefinish Interiors. Photo by Rayana Schmitz

Step Three: Perfect

Wallpaper or paint make a big impact, but layering a space with green accents is another way to ease in the aesthetic and express creativity. “Start with a neutral base (white, cream, taupe furnishings),” Schmitz suggests, “and bring in accessories with the hue—think pillows, vases, art.” Or dive headfirst into the trend with punchy monochromatic design, adding personality by paying close attention to the tiniest of details like textures, tones, and lines. 

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Either way, green’s versatility makes it nearly impossible to go wrong. “We feel you can never go overboard with green, whether it is utilizing plants or enhancing the beauty of an emerald rug by varying hues of green throughout—from a velvety fabric to an impressive ceiling with decorative plasterwork for a modern take on opulence,” say Widell and Boschetti. Essentially, the options for incorporating this lush, lively hue are endless.

The Gallant collection adds a dash of warmth to the green trend.

Get the Look

Embrace the rejuvenating quality of green with these designer favorite rugs that speak to the trend.  

Rayana Schmitz

“Start here if you are looking to bring this color home: Jaipur Living’s Salinas for a modern-traditional feel, this lighter Saga for a no-fuss look [or] this deeper Saga for a more saturated look that will ground your space. Just dipping your toes on the trend? Try the Brier with its beautiful textured pattern and green-taupe background.”

Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti

“Iconic’s Zephyr rug, Saga, and Iconic’s Fayruz rug. We love the striking designs Jaipur Living has created to really own the floor!”