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Jaipur Living polled four interior designers to get their tips on mastering the natural state trend. Where clean design meets organic forms and natural wood mixes with touches of greenery and creamy accents, here’s how to perfect the look.

A living room with a cream rug and cream furnishings

The Basis collection grounds this living room from Oak & Linen Interiors. Photo by Kara Mercer Photography

Step One: Ground

Lean on natural elements, earthy textures, and soothing colors to ground the space and evoke a sense of calm. “This style evokes a feeling of calmness—of being grounded and at ease,” says Ariana Lovato of Honeycomb Home Design. “It’s the feeling when you walk into your home and you can take that deep breath of relief.” Adds Amethyst Home‘s Monica Freeborn, “The natural state aesthetic is grounding and confident. I love how natural materials can infuse a space with tranquility and peace.”

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To achieve the calming aura that defines the natural state trend, Whitley Wirkkala of Oak & Linen Interiors recommends designing with a combination of texture, warmth, and contrast. “We like to mix textured rugs with warm wood and linen upholstery,” she notes. “Our designs are meant to feel relaxed and inviting.”

A light brown leather chair with wood arms sits in front of a bookcase and on top of a cream boucle style rug

Buttery soft leather, warm wood, and variations of creamy hues combine in this vignette from Amethyst Home. Boucle-style weaves, like the Aldea collection, bring texture to the natural state trend. Photo by Mullers Photography

Step Two: Simplify

Clean lines, curated finishes, and high-end furnishings combine for casual luxury. “The easiest way to achieve the natural state look is to focus on quality over quantity—be intentional in the materials used in the project and layer natural materials for a clean, modern wabi sabi vibe,” says Freeborn. For example, she continues, “a braided jute rug sings when paired with an unassuming linen sofa or stone coffee table.”

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Treasure in the Detail‘s Kirsten Holmstedt defines the style as core to her design practice. “The natural state aesthetic very closely embodies our signature style we infuse into each of our projects: warm, modern, cohesive, and delightful,” she says. Like the design style, she adds, “We focus on instilling clean lines, carefully curated finishes, and combining high-end style with casual luxury. They’re timeless materials presented in a modern way that makes a home feel polished yet inviting and restful.”

A cream sofa with stripe pillows, white stone coffee table, cream rug, and tree in a living space

A grounding moment from Oak & Linen Interiors features the Scandinavia Dula collection from Jaipur Living. Photo by Kara Mercer Photography

Step Three: Harmonize

Bring the outdoors in with greenery, warm woods, and linen upholstery. It’s all in the details. “The natural state style is all about bringing the outdoors in to bring harmony to a space,” says Wirkkala. “Our designs combine texture, warmth, and contrast to create a room that you can walk into and feel at peace.”

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Lovato’s design tips are all about harmony when it comes to the natural state trend: “earthy textures, soothing colors, and harmonious patterns.” Plus, she advises, “Layer jute rugs with some wool rugs to create that contrast and interest.” Holmstedt also doubles down on the importance of texture and layering. “Textiles and rugs are essential to bringing designs together that offer layering, texture, and organic appeal,” she says. “We love finishing off a space with textiles, earth-tone greenery and trees, and beautiful and functional accents.”

A living room with natural rug, stone wall cream furnishings and wooden accents

Natural wood and the 100% jute Naturals Monaco collection are the star of this living room from Honeycomb Home Design. Photo by Lisa Maksoudian Photography

Adds Lovato, “Warm tones really suit this aesthetic. It might seem like you want to add color or pattern, but the point of this look is to let the textures do all of the talking. Less is more.” The natural state trend leans into the enduring practice of bring the outdoors in and allowing nature to infuse homes with an etherial calm and grounding sense serenity.

“What is so great about the natural state trend is that I believe it is here to stay for awhile,” declares Wirkkala. “Trends come and go, so we do our best to design for our client’s lifestyle while staying true to our brand. By incorporating interesting design pieces we help our clients create homes that are refined and comfortable with furniture and finishes that don’t compromise style or quality.”

An all white bedroom with rug, bed, chandelier, exposed beams, and sitting area

A calming bedroom from Treasure in the Detail features Jaipur Living‘s Enclave collection. Photo by LifeCreated

Get The Look

Our four trend experts name the best Jaipur Living rugs to nail to natural state look. Here are their picks.

Ariana Lovato

“My personal favorite rug is Himalaya. It mixes jute and chenille, making it super soft and giving the warm texture of jute. Scandinavia Dula is another one of my favorites.”

Kirsten Holmstedt

“Some of our favorite Jaipur Living rugs that speak to the natural state aesthetic includes the Scandinavia Rakel, Naturals Lucia, and Naturals Ambary. Scandinavia Rakel is such a beautiful and neutral wool rug that works so well with any space.  It exemplifies durability, timelessness, quality, while still offering an inviting feel. We also love Naturals Lucia because it’s such a staple for a durable, foundational rug that could be used for layering. For a touch of pattern infused style, we love Naturals Ambary. It’s a beautiful neutral with a chic diamond design that provides unique style and interest.”

Monica Freeborn

“My go-to rugs in this trend are Naturals Tobago, Naturals Lucia, Sabine, Repose, and Saga. I’m currently obsessed with the ‘cappuccino’ jute colors as we reintroduce medium wood tones. The braided styles are my client’s favorites because they are surprisingly soft underfoot and have that incredible artisanal look.”

Whitley Wirkkala

“My favorite rugs are Scandinavia Dula and Madras. Scandinavia Dula is soft, warm, and has a ton of texture that livens up any room. Madras is organic and soft and perfect for a master bedroom retreat.”