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With a recent launch and even more on the horizon, Jaipur Living puts interior designer Barclay Butera in the hot seat. Here’s what he has to say about the state of the industry, his new collections with Jaipur Living, and what’s next for his eponymous design firm.

Interior designer Barclay Butera poses in front of his checkered rugs

Interior designer Barclay Butera‘s Oxford collection for Jaipur Living is inspired by tailored menswear.

Who is the typical Barclay Butera Interiors client?

I have a remarkably diverse clientele, but one thing they all have in common is that they come to me for stunning interiors that are glamorous yet comfortable. Clients do not want to live in museums anymore. They want livable, inviting spaces for families and entertaining. That’s what we do best.

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How do you define your design philosophy?

My design philosophy has always been based on a yours, mine, and ours approach. Honestly, by the end of the process, clients typically become like family. We work with fresh new designs, but I am always open to infusing a client’s family heirloom or favorite piece. The nice thing is, my rug collections with Jaipur Living are completely unique. Not only are they are stylish and chic, but each design works perfectly in traditional, transitional, and contemporary rooms alike.

Barclay Butera Brentwood collection for Jaipur Living

Barclay Butera‘s Brentwood collection for Jaipur Living is shown in the designer’s Newport Beach, Calif., showroom.

Blue is key to your signature style. What draws you that particular color?

Blue is fresh, clean, optimistic. I am such a coastal guy—as you know. I have always loved the beach and the lifestyle. The blue skies, the blue of the ocean… it’s all so organic. Blue is the best neutral. It can calm down or rev up a room like no other color. I remember years ago when Traditional Home magazine dubbed me ‘The Blue Boy.’ I loved that.

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How do you help clients identify their personal style?

First impressions reveal a great deal. I love to see how people dress, how they present themselves to the world. Are they wearing boho style? Crisp and classic blazers and polos? Jeans and casual T-shirts? I like to get a handle on the person, asking them how they entertain, what they do in their free time, where they like to travel. I then find it helpful if they have tear sheets or a Pinterest board—it shows me the direction they are looking for. But I also like to push them a bit out of their comfort zone. That’s what a good designer brings to the table: a little bit of the unexpected.

Rugs from interior designer Barclay Butera

The Brentwood, Malibu, and Newport collections from Barclay Butera

Your rug collections with Jaipur Living are always favorites. What niche do they fill in the market?

My rug collections with Jaipur Living are completely unique. Not only are they are stylish and chic, but each design works perfectly in traditional, transitional, and contemporary rooms alike. Each rug includes handpicked colors and materials that not only make them unique, but will fit the needs of designers today. They are diverse in design and extremely versatile, with unmatched quality. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the collections and look forward to many more exciting collaborations with Jaipur Living.

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What inspires your collections?

Inspiration is everywhere! I have been blessed to travel the world, and I’ve found inspiration with each and every trip. Product design ideas pop up sometimes where you least expect it; including in a London church, the Paris antique markets, or even a cocktail napkin from a swanky hotel. I keep photo journals so that when I get home the memories are fresh for design inspiration. You never know what’s going to hit—one of my wallpaper patterns is an incredible fretwork design taken from the ceiling of a chapel in the English countryside.

Walk us through your product design process with Jaipur Living.

It’s a wonderful process, and they are an incredible team. Some of the designs are from various visual inspirations and some are actual original art. We present, they interpret and tell us what is and isn’t possible from a manufacturing standpoint. So far each rug has been a huge hit, so something is absolutely working.

Your firm touches residential design, showhouses, developments, luxury rentals, and retail. What’s a top moment for the brand?

I’ve been very blessed to have designed some magnificent homes in my day, including Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Estate, Bette Davis’ cottage in Laguna Beach, and Desi Arnez Jr.’s home in Bel Air. But honestly the coolest project ever was being asked to design a custom Rolls-Royce Dawn automobile. I decided to create a signature blue-and-white ‘yacht on wheels.’ A convertible, naturally. That was an amazing opportunity and the process was incredible. I went to London to meet with the factory and Rolls-Royce debuted the car at Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach. It was a dream come true.

A large scale checkered rug in neutral gray tones

Handcrafted from wool and polyester, the Oxford collection by Barclay Butera has a lustrous finish.