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Beloved for its soft luster and plush touch, yet overlooked for its more delicate care, this luxurious fiber is an always-popular interior topic. Push through the stain-filled doubts—here’s your official guide to viscose rugs.

Jaipur Living TRD01

Hand-tufted from 100% viscose, the contemporary-style Transcend collection has a silky sheen.

In The Home

Originally crafted to mimic more expensive natural silk rugs, viscose rugs have grown in popularity thanks to their soft hand and lustrous sheen. The material is man-made from plant fibers—think wood pulp—for a look and feel that brings luxury into the home at a more approachable price.

Viscose’s plant fibers makes it highly acceptable to dye, making rugs vivid with rich depth of color. But that comes at a cost: The super absorbent quality of viscose means it’s more prone to stain and requires more attentive care. It’s recommended that viscose rugs—especially those that are 100% viscose, like Jaipur Living‘s Transcend and Satellite collections—are placed in low traffic areas. “Since viscose rugs shouldn’t be placed in high traffic areas but have a lush feel and slight sheen to them,” says Jaipur Living Stylist Ali Veremakis, “bedrooms and low traffic living spaces are the perfect areas to showcase the luxury aesthetic.”

Jaipur Living CAP03

From the Capital collection, this hand-tufted rug blends viscose with wool.

On Trend

The past two years have meant more time spent at home. And with those many hours spent nestled indoors comes the desire to create our own sanctuaries filled bespoke furnishings, collected wares, renovated spaces, and highly curated home decor.

Our spaces tell our story—infused with personalized style, touches of luxury, and impossibly cozy environs. Viscose rugs speak directly to the trends du jour with their subtle, luxurious shimmer and extremely soft hand.

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Jaipur Living BI10

The texture-rich Basis collection is hand-loomed and features a tone-on-tone colorway.

Real World Rules

Because viscose fibers are highly absorbent, these rugs require more attentive care. To keep your viscose rug looking its best, avoid moisture, place in low-traffic areas, and refrain from setting very heavy furniture on top—the weight can flatten the fibers.

But when real-life happens, blot spills immediately and have your rug professionally cleaned when needed. For more on proper rug care, read our Care & Cleaning Guide.

Jaipur Living CIQ01

Viscose rugs also come in power-loomed constructions, like the best-selling Cirque collection.

Selling Points

Clients are often drawn to the signature lustrous finish of viscose rugs but fear their more delicate nature. While 100% viscose rugs are a stunning option for bedrooms, blended constructions are more durable and better suited for families.

Many rugs contain viscose fibers at varying ratios. The more viscose woven into the rug, the more evident its silky sheen. Often, viscose is combined with wool—typically during the carding process—for a rug that is both luxurious and approachable in its durability. “Combining viscose with wool makes rugs more durable, so these collections are a little more versatile in where they can be placed,” says Veremakis.

Rugs containing viscose also come in many constructions, including hand-knotted, hand-tufted, handwoven, and power loomed. For more on rug materials and constructions, explore Rugs 101.

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Jaipur Living SAT02

Made of 100% viscose, the hand-loomed Satellite collection showcases a modern, geometric design. Photographed by Rebekah Westover; design by Becki Owens