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A great rug pad can make a rug softer and more comfortable while keeping everything in place, preventing slips, and increasing longevity. While most rugs require a rug pad (we’ll dive more into that later), Jaipur Living’s innovative runner collections—Canteena and Harman Hold by Kate Lester—are crafted with a built-in backing that does all the work of a rug pad, making these all-in-one options for high-traffic spaces.

Harman Hold by Kate Lester is the latest addition to the designers collaboration with Jaipur Living.

Built-in Backing: No Rug Pad Required

A culmination of Southern California-based interior designer Kate Lester’s love of vintage decor and modern sensibilities, Harman Hold embraces old-world designs and forward-thinking construction. 

“Designs were handpicked from real vintage rugs,” says Lumi Hoeye, product development and design manager at Jaipur Living. These antique textile patterns, which are also showcased on the Canteena collection, are then printed using “a special, mega high-res photography that fools the eye and mimics the actual appearance of a vintage hand-knotted rug,” adds Vice President of Product Development Steve Sorrow. 

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Beauty meets practicality in these rugs’ low profile (for a streamlined look that also prevents tripping) and integrated traction backing, which provides grip and cushion—no rug pad required. Both collections are perfectly suited for heavily trafficked rooms, hard surface spaces (think: entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens), or homes with children and pets. “It’s a perfect example of where style meets function,” Hoeye says. 

The Canteena collection has a traction backing, which means no rug pad is required for these easy care runners.

Choosing a Rug Pad: General Tips

As a general rule, look for a rug pad that’s slightly smaller (about an inch or two on all sides) than the rug it’s being paired with. When in doubt, choose a rug pad that’s the same size or slightly larger than your rug and trim it down to fit. When it comes to cushioning, a thinner rug pad is ideal for high-traffic spaces, while thicker rug pads provide comfort for spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, or nurseries. 

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Premium Rug Pads

Jaipur Living’s premium rug pads work for hard surfaces and carpets and feature a felted design with a durable rubber backing. 

1. The Extra Plush Premium rug pad offers cloud-like comfort and a superior rubber grip for comfort and traction. 

2. Slightly slimmer than the Extra Plush Premium, the Plush Premium rug pad offers versatile cushioning and a non-slip rubber backing. 

3. Featuring a thin design and durable rubber grip, the Low Profile Premium rug pad is ideal for those looking to achieve a sleeker look.

Jaipur Living‘s Canteena runner collection is ideal for kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms.

Open-Weave Rug Pads

Designed for use on hard-surface flooring, Jaipur Living’s open-weave rug pads promote airflow and easy vacuuming while reducing moisture. 

1. Made from 100% natural rubber, the Natural Open Weave rug pad is durable and low profile. 

2. The jack-of-all-trades Standard Open Weave rug pad offers exceptional value and durability thanks to a polyester material with high-grade vinyl compound.

3. Designed specifically for exterior spaces, the Outdoor rug pad prevents mold by maximizing airflow, while providing support and structure with durable polyester materials. 

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For smaller area rugs or runners, Ruggies grippers prevent curled edges for rug constructions like flat-weaves and dhurries. These ​​3″X6″ corner grippers also prevent slipping or bunching and are ideal for hard surfaces. 

The patterns on Canteena are digitally printed from actual vintage rugs.