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Jaipur Living’s hand-tufted rug collection with Atlanta-based home furnishings store Verde Home is a study in meticulous quality, nonlinear designs, and high detail.

Hand-Tufted Harmony

Combine the best elements of the hand-tufting process with luxurious materials and an eagle-eyed design, and you’ll get Pathways by Verde Home. Made from all-natural dyed wools, each of the collection’s 11 rugs showcase omnidirectional weaving and high-density patterns, resulting in high-quality, durable, and stunning pieces.

“We decided we wanted to create a collection that was exclusively designed for tufting,” explains Kent Schneider, who co-founded Verde Home alongside Paul Baird and Laura Walker-Baird in 2008. “Tufted rugs get a bad rap as being cheap inferior knock offs…some of that is legitimate but we don’t believe that has to be the case.  Beautiful, quality tufted rugs do exist and the Pathways collection is a good example of this.”

In short, the new collection highlights what high-quality, hand-tufted rugs offer that no other construction can. “If you were to take away all constraints, if you just said ‘Here’s a new collection; what can we do with this that we can’t do any other way?’”

“We decided we wanted to create a collection that was exclusively designed for tufting.” —Kent Schneider, Verde Home co-founder

Off the Grid

It all comes back to what’s special about the weave. The tufting process is unique in that it allows for “almost omnidirectional weaving,” Schneider says—vertical, horizontal and (almost) anything in between. “When you pair that ability with the right wool and dye techniques that allow for variation, you get a directional, painterly effect that will follow the ‘path’ of the weave,” says Schneider. “You can only do this with tufting. All the designs in the Pathways collection are designed to take advantage of that.”

High Definition

Because the collection is micro-tufted, Pathways is also incredibly dense. “Micro-tufting is another term for high-density tufting,” Schneider explains. This high density creates an ultra-plush finish while allowing for extremely precise designs. Schneider likens density to the resolution of a digital image. “Most tufted rugs are 720p or less. We are going for 2k resolutions of 2048 and higher. It takes longer, and only the best tufting weavers can do it but the result is a more durable and luxurious rug.”

A higher density also means a tighter pile, which gives off a look similar to that of a Tibetan hand-knotted rug. The pile also sits slightly lower than that of an average hand-tufted rug, thanks to an incredibly high-quality latex backing that sits flatter than usual and won’t break down or tear. “Fine latex is very pliable. It doesn’t really  even need to be covered up,” Schneider explains.

Painterly Details

While the Pathways color palette is soft, natural, and versatile, its painterly motifs add a unique sense of depth. The inspiration for this, Schneider says, comes from natural variations in dyed wool, which he noticed while working on a custom project that involved unique wool spins. “I noticed samples starting to arrive with localized areas that showed concentrations of the natural variation in the wool. Almost like little pools where everything was darker or lighter than the rest. After inspecting, I could tell the weaver was isolating work in that area with the tufting gun. That made me think about the tufting process in general, and how it doesn’t have to be linear across the rug as it does with hand-knotting. That was probably the moment this collection was born.”

“We like to say that Pathways rugs ‘just work’. They are not statement rugs. They are beautiful but are made to form part of the room ensemble.” View the new Pathways by Verde Home collection here.

For more on the inspiration behind the collection and the beauty of hand-tufted rugs, watch Schneider’s Jaipur Living Trade Talk on our IGTV Live.