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Trends may ebb, flow, and transition with the times, but the foundational blocks of interior design and the thrill of a new stylistic discovery just around the bend will forever be constants. At Jaipur Living, we walk the line between tried-and-true classics and forward-thinking statements. With artisans and the age-old art of handcrafted rugs at our core, we look to traditional weaving techniques and motifs to inform our collections. From the souks of Marrakech and Turkish bazaars to European furniture fairs and thorough market research, our aim is to present interior designers with new, exciting product that has a foot firmly planted in tradition.

Now, we look to you, our celebrated interior designers, to get your expert opinions on what we’re always searching for: What’s new and next? Here’s must-know advice direct from 18 designers on how they spot the next big thing—plus expert styling tips and tricks.

The weather-resistant Tahiti collection as seen in a kitchen designed by Stephanie Kraus Design. Photo courtesy of brand

“When designing a space, we like to start with one key piece that really speaks to us, then design from there. Perhaps our jumping-off point is a really fabulous rug, then we pick out the other elements in the space to work with that piece.” —LAUREN LEARNER, LIVING WITH LOLO

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“We trend spot by visiting various trade markets throughout the year, research, and seek inspiration through various design platforms. Additionally, travel can be an incredible for avenue for inspiration and observation.” —KIRSTEN HOLMSTEDT, TREASURE IN THE DETAIL

The Catalyst rug is at home in this living room designed by Living With Lolo. Photo by LifeCreated

“In a way, we are always pushing to look past trends toward elements that stay classic. How can we make our client’s homes feel current and modernized without feeling like an ad for trends. Our look should weave timeless elements into the foundation and then sprinkle the latest releases throughout to build up the layers of character.” —LORI PARANJAPE, MRS. PARANJAPE DESIGN + INTERIORS

“Unconventional materials bring the unexpected element and dimension that helps a space read more ‘finished.’ Use them instead of a bolder item—layer them in with neutrals instead of feeling pressed for a ‘bold pop’ or too much color.” —JACY PAINTER KELLY, JACY PAINTER KELLY INTERIORS

The Designery placed the Sanaa collection by Nikki Chu in a bedroom at the 2022 Serenbe Showhouse. Photo by Jonas Jungblut

“Think old meets new—incorporate items that feel lived in or vintage to complement and create a relaxed modern aesthetic.” —GINGER CURTIS, URBANOLOGY DESIGNS

“I keep an eye on what’s happening in the fashion world to forecast what’s next in the home industry. U.S. tradeshows are also a great way to take a look at what’s coming next.” —RAYANA SCHMITZ, FIREFINISH INTERIORS

With its grounding green hues, Jaipur Living’s Salinas rug brings an elegant, organic feel to a living room designed by Firefinish Interiors. Photo by Rayana Schmitz

“As a designer, I’m always gravitating toward spaces that seem to honor the past and celebrate artisans. Effortless, imperfect, and unafraid to be a little unraveled. I always chase the feeling in design of living in the present with young kids and showing them the best the earth has to offer in materials and talent. Amethyst Home very much gravitates toward a natural, minimal aesthetic, which requires stunning craftsmanship of the furnishings to pull off a lighter design look.” —MONICA FREEBORN, AMETHYST HOME

“To create the perfect space that is captivating and welcoming, we start with a focal point. Based on that item we pull in colors, textures and different scaled patterns in fabrics, rugs and materials to create the perfect balance and harmony between materials.” —RENE WIRTH, WIRTH DESIGN GROUP

Ali Winkler anchors a living room with Jaipur Living’s Naturals Tobago rug. Photo by Angela Sun

“If you see a thing two or three times start looking around seriously. If you see it again, a trend is happening. It is also important to realize that trends develop more slowly than people thing. So what seems like a very small blip this year could be a huge trend next year, as it takes time for trends to filter through the different parts of the market place.” —MEG CROSSLEY & MORGAN MICHENER, ME&MO CREATIVE 

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“It’s easy to spot trends when it wasn’t around 2 years ago. Right now, plaster, earth tones, natural weaves, and fluting are the hot trend! I love mixing some of these more trendy styles in my work and especially love bringing in classic elements when a client has a tiny bit more modern flair. It helps the space feel more curated and welcome.” —SAM CRAM, SAM CRAM DESIGN

“Trends come and go, so we do our best to design for our client’s lifestyle while staying true to our brand. By incorporating interesting design pieces, we help our clients create homes that are refined and comfortable with furniture and finishes that don’t compromise style or quality.” —WHITLEY WIRKKALA, OAK & LINEN INTERIORS

The artisan-made Rhapsody collection adds a grounding touch to this kitchen from Amethyst Home. Photo by Daniel Muller

“We love bringing texture into a space with plush wool or natural rugs, unique pillow shapes, as well as anything woven in items like lighting, art, furniture, and decor.” —KAITLYN WOLFE, ICONIC DESIGN + BUILD

“We design classically, sprinkling trends from colors to textures, some accessories, and even building materials. One trend we are seeing a lot and engaging in is irregular rugs. We love the striking designs Jaipur Living has created to really own the floor! Whilst shaping a new outline in design (literally), sporting an unconventional shape that can be used in unique ways and spaces. Whether curvy, geometric, or angular, these all boast a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, which we are ready to embrace.” —BARETTE WIDEL & CHRISTINA BOSCHETTI, WIDELL + BOSCHETTI

The Aura collection infuses this living room from Cosentino Interior Studio with luster. Photo courtesy of brand

“Attending designer markets is one of the best ways to forecast trends. I also follow a lot of European trades as they always seem to be ahead.” —ARIANA LOVATO, HONEYCOMB HOME DESIGN