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Companies and careers start for many reasons. Personal passion, financial gain, a desire to do better in the world—all these reasons are different motivations behind why people take jobs, strike out on their own, and make decisions as they navigate their paths. At Jaipur Rugs, a combination of all three motivations came together: a love for traditional rug-making, the opportunity to create a sustainable and profitable business, and to engage the hands-on rugmakers in the rich success of the company. Within the company, it’s called Doorstep Entrepreneurship.

Connecting weavers to customers, designers to value.

This unique end-to-end, artisan-to-customer model has its roots at a very personal, philosophical level: Founder Nand Kishore Chaudhary’s dedication to his business serving a larger purpose than financial profits. With that goal in mind, Jaipur Living does not have a middleman in its structure. This connects rug artisans, working at their own homes, more directly with their end customers, living in their homes. It creates competitive pricing to make handmade rugs more accessible, as well as unleashing creativity and breaking down barriers between castes, religions and social status in the process.

A person-to-person, village-to-village web of connection directly connects every exceptional Jaipur rug to its creator. Rize (RIZ01)

“I realized a business is truly successful when you empower everyone involved in it.
—N.K. Chaudhary, founder

The common thread: Artisan empowerment

Rather than artisans and customers being separated by subcontractors, contractors, exporters and importers, Jaipur Rugs creates a direct connection between the creator of a rug and the person who ultimately enjoys it in their home, giving artisans more control over their work as well as their lives. The company’s rugmaking processes were designed to address the specific struggles of rural weavers and empower these individuals through respect and control over their work, creating a high level of loyalty, commitment and quality that fuels remarkably creative work.

The ultimate goal of Jaipur’s unique approach: make business decisions based on more than a profit margin.

Value that’s woven into every step

Each weaver acts as an independent entrepreneur, empowered to seek their own success as well as create a new path for future generations. To ensure a high level of quality, the artisans adhere to company-wide processes, strict quality control and a zero-waste mentality. The result: exceptional rugs, made available without the markup of complex layers of distribution. The end value of these artisan treasures is remarkable, especially for a hand-woven rug that takes months to create. And even with the goal of keeping prices fair for all, Chaudhary’s vision can still achieve a human and humane bottom line: “Let goodness, fairness and most importantly, love prevail in business; profits will inevitably follow.”