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“Undyed wool is pure, natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.” —Himanshi Singh, Jaipur Rugs development manager

Jaipur Living Designer Edit Desouk made with undyed wool

Jaipur Living’s Desouk rug from the Designer Edit program is made with undyed wool.

What is undyed wool?

Sourced from ethically raised sheep, Jaipur Living’s wool is hand-shorn, sorted, and spun, ensuring quality, durability, and consistency. Undyed wool yarn is free from dyes and chemicals, which means its eco friendly and entirely natural in color.

Because yarn is made with a mixture of wool from various regions, undyed wool yarn features a unique layering of earthy, neutral tones. When it comes to undyed wool rugs, the result is a dimensional, tone-on-tone effect that’s subtly unique to each rug.

“Sheep come in many colors, and undyed wool can be anywhere from white to black to brown,” says Steve Sorrow, Jaipur Living vice president of product design and development. “An infinite number of blends of these colors creates an overall natural-neutral palette.”

Rug artisan sorting wool

The process of hand-sorting wool

Wool is considered a natural and renewable resource—and choosing undyed wool is particularly environmentally friendly because its production process requires significantly less water than that of dyed wool.

“Undyed wool is pure, natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly,” says Himanshi Singh, development manager at Jaipur Living’s India-based counterpart, Jaipur Rugs. “It’s also chemical-free, and you’re getting it in its raw, natural form.”

It’s important to choose undyed wool products from a socially responsible manufacturer like Jaipur Living to ensure both animal and artisan welfare. This “keeps the animals safe and helps support the people who look to them as their source of earning,” says Singh.

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Jaipur Living Torvi collection

The handcrafted Torvi collection

Not only are high-quality wool rugs beautiful, but they’re also incredibly durable and long-lasting. Wool in itself is a very durable and performance-friendly fiber,” says Sorrow.

Post-shearing, Jaipur Living’s wool is hand-washed and carded by hand, making it lustrous and ultra-soft and resistant to shedding and fraying. Wool is also naturally resistant to water and odor, making it a popular material for heirloom pieces that last for generations.

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Jaipur Living artisan