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"Each piece brings about the delicate details observed in natural forms. From instant gratification to maturing slowly over time, move away from the chaos of the day-to-day through Urban Pause.” — Kavi Chaudhary

When dreaming up her newest rug collection, Urban Pause, award-winning rug designer Kavita “Kavi” Chaudhary was inspired by the unrushed pace of nature. 

“I am always inspired by the beauty in nature and started to explore the beautiful yet random flow of lines in marble and vapors of water,” says Chaudhary. “The slowness of these processes seems to create more grace in the patterns as we see them in nature.”

Indeed, her new five-piece collection is anchored in luxurious simplicity, featuring grounding, solid designs, and a lustrous texture. “We choose to create designs that would feel more spacious, using only a single layer of design instead of overlapping patterns as we have done in previous collections.” 

The result is streamlined yet stunning, with the added dimension of rayon made from bamboo, which creates a luminous contrast and softness. What’s more, the collection’s sense of pause is also an expression of the craftsmanship behind the rugs, each of which has been painstakingly made by hand—one knot at a time—by Jaipur Living’s artisans in India.

Though the collection’s homage to slower living is a near-perfect representation of post-COVID realizations, it was originally conceived before the pandemic. “We were sensing an intense activity in our cosmopolitan lives, and the need for space and calm in our homes was much evident even before COVID,” explains Chaudhary. “

The collection was named once COVID happened so we added the word ‘urban’ to our idea of ‘pause,” says the designer. “The interiors that we imagined for these rugs are calm and meditative spaces, be it a living room or a bedroom.”

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